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The birth of a story… ain’t always pretty

December 3, 2014

015It is strange the things that inspire a story, really. When I was invited into the Taming the Alpha box set, I didn’t have a story already to go. I was (and am) deep in a paranormal tale but know that I needed a novella for this box set. I also knew I needed the mental break and had to make it a contemporary. But what to write about?

I adore married stories, where the hero and heroine already said  “I do”. But What was the plot, what motivated them? Being an old married lady (18 years so far) I looked back at my own marriage and wondered, “What was the thing that nearly tore us apart?”

Well, hell. That was easy. There was no cheating, no mysterious other partners, no major crime. All there was was a huge clusterf*ck of real life that came crashing down on on us. So I wrote about that. In a way.

If you have read my BEST WORST CHRISTMAS post about the birth of my twins (I am sorry if I made you cry, that wasn’t my intention) then you already know the seeds of HAIL MARY HONEYMOON. Can all that stuff honestly happen to a couple? Uhm, yeah, I lived it. Sorta. I did tweaks some things for privacy reasons but trust me, my heart is on those pages. It is *MY* story.

That was 11 years ago and Big G and I are still going strong. I can’t say we didn’t have our moments. But our moments make us stronger as a couple. I think they will impact Josie and Wade the same way. When you say “I do”, you do. Through sickness and health, for richer or for poorer. The rewards are priceless and eternal. And so so worth it.





Josie and Wade had it all in their marriage. Then disaster hit. As both struggled to cope with the fall out, they grew further apart until they crumbled as a couple. Wade proposes a last ditch effort to save their marriage. They need to play a risky game, the Hail Mary Honeymoon. They will either both win it all or both will lose everything.

Coming Dec 9th for a limited time. Get it now! AMZ / BN / Kobo / iBk /


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