JINXED gets five hearts!

October 7, 2009

From the Romance Studio!

Erecting brick walls around her heart is Frannie Sullivan’s way of coping with the pain from her past. When she finds the attention of an attractive stranger focused on her, she’s willing to have a sexual relationship but refuses to get emotionally involved. Jinx has dealt with his own pain in the past and knows what a luxury time can be. He is unwilling to waste a second with Frannie, even if his insistence that he loves her makes him seem crazy. Using their physical attraction, Jinx hopes to break down Frannie’s walls and get her to acknowledge she loves him too.

Misunderstandings and odd coincidences open this story, but it’s the personality of the characters that really draw the reader in. Both Jinx and Frannie are strong characters, with his wacky behavior balancing out her pragmatism. His unwavering belief that he and Frannie belong together endears him to the readers while it wears down Frannie’s resistance. And what draws readers to Frannie most is the way she blossoms through her relationship with Jinx.

The sexual relationship between Jinx and Frannie is a large portion of the story, especially since that’s all Frannie thinks she wants in the beginning. Every sex scene between the two of them is passionate and intense because it is packed full of the emotion Frannie tries so desperately to deny. Only in bed does Frannie let her defenses down and accept the love and tenderness Jinx offers.

Inez Kelley has written a wonderfully touching story about two people who help each other heal from the wounds in their past with humor and love. There was nothing about this story or the characters that disappointed me. I was equally moved and amused by Jinx and Frannie and their willingness to fight for what they want. The ending is completely satisfying and left me with a warm heart and a smile on my face.

Overall rating: 5hearts
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Karin
October 7, 2009

This is so cool to me. I did not get an email alert when this review appeared (at least not yet) but another author, Sharon Horton also has an ebook titled JINXED and she emailed to congratulate me. Now, since *MY* JINXED starts with a name mix up, This was just too perfect not to mention!

So from one JINXED cat to another, thanks Sharon!

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Pass the Salt: THE SEQUEL

October 5, 2009

Yeah, pass the salt, if you please. I am eating my words with a fork. I swore I would not become a series writer. I like series. I read series. I just couldn’t see myself WRITING series. But two things happened.

First, I have gotten so much positive response from my short freebie installment series about JACE AND DAYNA. All the emails ask when the next story is coming out and ask questions about them, etc. Rest assured. The story grew from a one time freebie to a series of 5 then 6 now 10 are complete and slotted for 2009. I got into the continuation mindset.

Second, MYLA BY MOONLIGHT seems to have hit a note with readers. I am going to steal lines from Jennifer Leeland here.

The imagery in Inez’s story is beautiful and rich throughout. But it’s the emotion that makes this book fantastic. The depth of the characters makes the story a page turner. The conflict is wrenching…Even in the final scenes that were gut wrenching, leaving the happy ending hanging in the balance, I still got a glimpse of the theme of love that Inez wove through the story…I found it a beautifully written love story–love of many kinds–that gave me my happily ever after in a million different ways.

Readers are asking about Bryton’s story and dammit, he heard them and started talking. Now I can ignore characters easily. I have a few times but this one keps coming back. So I tossed a few ideas off my Samhain editor and *sigh* Yeah, I am writing it and dammit, Bryton has already made me teary.

Working title: Salome at Sunrise.

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It’s a Friday Free For All

October 2, 2009

Check me out!  I am cyberspacin’ again!!  First log in to Twitter and make sure you are following my new twit-name Inez_Kelley for your chance to win either MYLA BY MOONLIGHT or JINXED!  WINNER’S CHOICE! One chance this morning and one chance late afternoon, so watch your twitter!

Slip over to Romantic Inks and see what I have to say about Myla and Men. Wee problems there. Curse of being a beauty who bites…literally.

And the Redneck Romance Writer Jennifer Leeland/McKenzie had some lovely things to say about Myla by Moonlight that made me sniffly proud.

Gemma Halliday is delivering a baby (if she hasn’t already, she was in the hospital and contracting steady last anyone heard), so my guest blog is up at Killer Fiction titled His Side of Beef,  cackling about how hard it was to find a name for MYLA BY MOONLIGHT!

And yes, I am a show off… Watch this.

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Pain! Agony! Misery! Bring it on.

September 30, 2009

I am not evil, despite what any number of fellow writers will tell you. I am not. I swear.

So I like to uhm, torture my characters, big deal. The struggle, the pain, the hardships we see them go through is what draws us closer to them. No one wants to read all hearts and flowers gooshy gooshy sunshine and roses shit for 250+ pages. And if you do, don’t read my books. Not even the comedies.

How are you expected to celebrate with a character at the end if you haven’t made that emotional journey with them, felt their angst, their pain?  I don’t think you can, not effectively anyway.

CLASSIC EXAMPLE: The movie JAWS. Okay, there is a big old fish out there eating people. Roy gets on the boat, goes out and catches the shark. happy happy joy j…er… letdown. Who gives a flying fart?

Now, show me said big fish eating a few people, show me their fear, let me get to know Quinn the Captain, let me journey in time with him to when he was a young man and ‘helped deliver the bomb’. I am invested. I am hooked(bad pun). Now let the shark eat Quinn. OMG!!  Kill that sucker!  Fish sticks for lunch!  Blow his head off, Roy.

See?  Was that a NICE tale? Maybe not but you become more in tune, more involved with the story.

So yeah, I can be MEAN to my people. And I do mean MEAN. I have killed characters to tug at those heart strings. I have *gasp* killed pets. I have had personal tragedies fall on my characters like volcanic ash. I have even been been known to thrown in a few real tortures, like hot pokers and run a few through with swords. I am ruthless when it comes to making you feel my peoples pain.


Because then, you also feel their joy, their happiness, their sense of THIS is right and what I have been striving for.

You can’t know the sugar without the salt.

***This entry was inspired by Lee Bross, BETA reader extraordinaire, who sent me the following tweet  “Okay, you are totally killing me here. WHY are you torturing them so much! They deserve a happy ending! Argh!!”

Yes, they do deserve a happy ending… and so does the reader. ANd they will get it. After I wring every drop of misery out of them I can. Muwhahahahahaha!

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