Thai version!

July 20, 2014

A facebooker clued me in since I hadn’t seen it. It’s the cover (and teaser) of the Thai translation version of Sweet as Sin. I wish I knew what it said LOL


SwaS Thai

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Where has Inez been?

July 2, 2014

In hell.

Seriously, I hate summer. My productivity normally drops because the kids are home but this year has been bad. My twins, Damien and his brother the Omen, have had a rough time. Damien is Special Needs and good Lord, he has needed. Daily. Extensively. Without end. Hopefully, his new medication and new doctors will be able to get him back on track. Mama needs a break, here.

The Omen had a relapse. That is a strong word but I don’t know what else to call it. Back in 2010 he had some corrective surgery on his bilateral clubbed feet that made a huge change for the good in his life. Hello pre-puberty and all your massive hormonal changes and growth spurts. The surgical corrections have not been able to keep pace with is growing body so he has to have the same procedure done AGAIN. This is going to put him back in a wheelchair for a while and he is not happy. But if it gets rid of his pain, it is worth it. But it has totally disrupted my schedule.

And I still don’t have any living room furniture! That will come by summer’s end, though. *fingers crossed*

But I have been working. BEAUTY AND THE BADGE goes live this week, a little later than I wanted but see above. I am plowing along on THE ADDICT although Rex is giving me fits. Still aiming for a late September release there so all is good SO FAR. (Send prayers that keeps up). SHOULD’VE BEEN HOME YESTERDAY releases this month as well, on the 21st, so been working on promo stuff for that.

Check out this gif advertisement for THE BASTARD! (Which has been doing PHENOMENALLY, BTW)


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A giveaway AND podcast for THE BASTARD!

June 1, 2014

First, a brief announcement…


*cue Inez dancing in her chair and squealing*

Okay, now back to the blog…

TotallyBookedBlog is giving away 5 COPIES of The Bastard. FIVE! Cinco in Spanish!  in Chinese! Fünf in German. Tano in Swahili. FIVE!! Go enter!  (I adore those gals)

Scandalicious Book Reviews did an awesome podcast for The Bastard. You really should go give it a listen! And they made this impressively fantastic Character Sheet. I snatched it to share with you here but this is ALL THOSE LADIES!!

Plus just before Book 2, THE ADDICT, releases, I’m  going to invade the Scandalicious space and join the podcast crew and answer YOUR questions about the Baddest Boys in History series! So follow them, join up and start jotting those questions down.

TheBastard-sheet - Scandalicious

Also, a reader has suggested a great name for all you wonderful BBIH lovers. LIKE my Baddest Boys in History FB page and declare which Forsaken you drool over,  and become a Forsaken HANDmaiden!  So far, Myth is drawing people in like water in the desert.

I’m going to have temporary tattoos of the Forsaken handprint marks made and hand them out to EVERYONE. (here, take it, take it, take it!!)



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Do you remember Jace & Dayna?

May 28, 2014

Did you read my once freebie series Beauty and The Badge?


Jace and Dayna had a big following. There are over 250 ratings on Goodreads for the series installments and people visit my site hundreds of times a year to download them. The reader mail has never stopped, most people asking me to write more.

Readers seemed to connect with Jace and Dayna. They are everyday people, with money issues, irritating relatives and normal jobs. He’s a cop, she’s a school teacher.  Each tale was a glimpse into their lives at a critical moment during their relationship, from the first kiss, the first ‘I love you’ and beyond. 10 mini stories, one couple, one heart-comforting story.

I started those short stories for two reasons. One, I was a few months away from my first book going on sale and it was a good way to get my name out to readers before it went live. It worked! Two, I was trying to teach myself to write short. That didn’t work so well. What I did was stay with one couple for 10 short tales, basically writing a full-length book served in installments. Oh well, I tried.

One purpose those mini-stories served was as a palate cleanser for me. After my first romantic comedy, JINXED, debuted, I was working on other stories. Darker ones. Ones that were challenging to write and difficult to feel. When the journey became too taxing, I’ve veer off for a while, write a new Jace and Dayna story, refresh my brain. It really helped. I also did this with Turn it Up, clearing my head after Sweet as Sin.

So I’ve missed Jace and Dayna, too. Especially after writing The Bastard. Since I’ve outlined the entire series for The Baddest Boys in History, I know what evil lurks in the future. I also knew I needed a mental break. Not to stop writing but to write something different. I thought about resurrecting one of my incomplete lighter comedies but nah, didn’t feel right.

Then I stumbled across some reader mail, the ones asking for more Jace and Dayna. So I reread the Beauty and the Badge and although I could see where I’ve grown, I really enjoyed them. I started thinking about “what comes next for them”.

So I did it. I pulled the stories, edited them again, beefed up a few things, deepened a few things and wrote 2 new installments of the Beauty and the Badge. This time, I am packaging all the stories in one book. Each ‘moment’ is a new chapter with new chapters added. There is a new cover. It went through extensive line edits. It will go live on various vender sites next month. I’m marking the price at $.99 and that is where it will stay.

Jace and Dayna live again!



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