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March 24, 2014

You know how some authors say they don’t read reviews? Screw that, I do. I hardly ever check my books ranks on various selling sites but I *DO* read the reviews people leave. Why? Because I want to know how my book is resonating, or not, with readers. I’ve actually learned a lot of things about my characters through someones viewpoint. I’ve read some lovely things and some things that made me wince but they have all been honest. That is all I want, honesty.

Sunday I was linked to a podcast by Scandalicious Book Reviews and OMG!!

SwaSThey have no idea how touching it was to hear their comments about Sweet as Sin. That they all agreed it was a 5 star book and hearing which scenes touched them and why? Priceless. It made me laugh (her sister-in-law got married because her brother is…) and it made me teary. And I do not cry. Like one podcast commenter, I am just not wired that way (although soldier/family reunions have made me misty often). But to hear them express their love for Sweet as Sin? Simply amazing. I can never thank them enough.

And they are giving away a free copy of SWEET AS SIN!! How nice! Go enter and please, listen to the pod cast. You will laugh your butt off. I really want to go out for drinks with all these women, on me.

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They’re coming… Are you ready?

March 23, 2014

In the battle between good and evil, humans have never been more than collateral damage. Now they are prey. Mankind doesn’t need a hero. It needs a sinner.

Corrupt. Wicked. Nefarious. Contemptible….

The Baddest Boys in History are back!


You read about them in school. Now learn the truth. Real men. No vampires, no werewolves, no magic. Just down and dirty raw power —sin to sin, evil to evil, bad to bad. They fight for humanity. It was that or eternal damnation.

They agreed to risk their souls. No one told them they would lose their hearts.

Coming this summer, Inez Kelley’s self-publishing debut.


THE BASTARD: Vike died in blood, in battle, in betrayal. His ruthlessness was second only to his brutality. Now one woman makes his blood sing and he’ll stop at nothing to save her. He only has to face half of Hell to do it.

THE BEAUTY: Lacy is unknowingly descended from an ancient Holy line. Someone is slowly destroying her life and wants her dead. A fierce Viking comes to her rescue, and in his arms, she finds more than safety.

THE BAD NEWS: If Vike can’t protect Lacy, he’ll have to kill her. And for a bastard, what’s one woman worth when the entire world is in jeopardy?

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My Announcement

February 27, 2014

Carina was supposed to post this but due to technical issues, it went to the Harlequin blog. But I wanted to share it here. (there was different bigger announcement in my newsletter. Did you get that? No? hmmm, you should sign up)

 One determined woman
One stubborn man
One fanatical terrorist

Toss in a little snake-handling, one Cuban firecracker and a killer view (and viewpoint) and things get intense in THE PLACE I BELONG.
When I set out to write my Country Roads series, I was deep into a case of homesickness. I miss my mountains. I miss the changing seasons. I miss the slower pace. I miss home.

©Randall Sanger Photography | All Rights Reserved | Permission for use granted to Inez Kelley.

I channeled every drop of that longing into the stories. Rather than soothing that homesick ache, the stories only made it sharper. There is something basic in the mountains, something that gets into your blood and seeps into your bones. You can’t get away from it no matter where you live.
I’ve met West Virginians who’ve lived elsewhere for 50 years and the longing for home is still there. Maybe that’s why John Denver’s song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” rings so true. In fact, there is a petition to name that tune the state song. It already is in most people’s hearts, we just would like to see it legally named that way.
For all the slurs and slander, misconceptions and prejudices about West Virginia, it is home. So we’re going back!
*Insert madly chair-dancing author here*

My husband, the real lumberjack in my life, has accepted a new job with the same lumber company he started with nearly 30 years ago. He leaves in a matter of days (from the live version of this blog) and we will follow as quickly as possible. The next few weeks will be filled with trials and boxes, transfers and tape, organizing and packing. But there is a promise on the horizon.

It’s definitely the PLACE I BELONG.
So you tell me. Where do *YOU* belong?

Jonah Alcott found his true calling as the PR director of Hawkins Hardwood. He’s a master of mediation, but the Black Cherry Canyon project has pushed him to his limit–beautiful but obstinate park manager Zury Castellano crossed a line when she enlisted the help of known eco-terrorists to protect “her” land.

For Zury, the unspoiled, scenic Black Cherry Falls State Park is more than a job–it’s the only place she’s ever considered home. And she’ll stop at nothing to ensure Hawkins Hardwood doesn’t touch a single twig in it, even if that means agreeing to spend the weekend with corporate drone Jonah. He might think they’re working toward a compromise, but Zury has no intention of backing down.

Infuriating but irresistible, Zury teaches Jonah that the beauty of the mountains can’t be bought. But Jonah will need to prove he’s on her side–in life and in love–and show her who the real bad guys are, before it’s too late…

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A Release, Cover Woes and Bastardized Flat Stanley

February 22, 2014

Monday is the release day for THE PLACE I BELONG. This book is my favorite in the Country Roads trilogy because it went places that I hadn’t planned. Like.. uhm… snakes. Yeah, there are snakes. Jonah hates them. He has a good reason to hate them. And I delved into my first contemporary villain and completely love how twisted he is. (He comes back in book 3 as well).

Real life has been taxing this year so these books were harder to write than most of my others but not for any technical reason. Just finding the time and mind space to sit down and get them typed out. But I did it and I am really proud of them, of the series as a whole.

I wish I loved the covers as much. I don’t. My luck with cover art is thin at best. I have one cover I really really like and a couple I can barely stand. Look at my book list to see what I mean. Some of those covers would be fine if they matched the story inside but they don’t.  

So that brings me to THE PLACE I BELONG. I actually really like the tree in the back ground. It has a meaning in the story, a deep one. The guy in front of the tree? Not so much. I thought it was just me but it isn’t. Jeannie Lin calls it the “Target Sweater Special” cover. Harlequin posted it on their FB page and the comments supported that. It is just… not good.

However, to make the best of a bad situation, I am offering a BASTARDIZE FLAT STANLEY contest. You remember Flat Stanley, right? The paper cut-out guy who travels via snail mail all over the world? Since this guy is basically just photo-shopped in front of the tree,  MOVE HIM!! Put him anywhere you want and post a picture of it to my Facebook page! A winner will be selected on 3/3/14.

So far, he’s been a few places, China, outer space, a disco, the beach, Vegas, cowboy country. Check out these entries and enter today!

jonah cowboy  jonah beach  Jonah disco  Jonah as Elvis  Jonah terra cotta  jonah in space


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January 13, 2014


shbhy_300Coming July 2014 from Carina Press

Webb falls hard for a woman from his past, the one he never should have looked at. Molly is his dead best-friend’s baby sister and should  have been off-limits. What’s more, he discovers he’s about to be a father thanks to one night of too much alcohol and years of longing.

Eric Redbear increases his eco-terrorism activities and threatens all of Hawkins Hardwood. Then he makes it more personal and threatens Molly. Can Webb keep her when Redbear makes his deadly move?



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February 24, 2014

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