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December 26, 2011

I really hope to add more to this post in the coming days (some reviewers have told me I have been named but their lists don’t go live until January) but to start it out…

The BEST OF 2011 lists are starting to pop up and so far, in addition to the RT BOOK REVIEWER’S CHOICE nomination for TURN IT UP and the DESERT ISLE KEEPER from all About Romance for SWEET AS SIN:

Library Journal named TURN IT UP as one of the BEST OF 2011

Heroes and Heartbreakers named SWEET AS SIN as one of the BEST OF 2011

SmexyBooks named SWEET AS SIN as a favorite of 2011

Yummy Men and Kick Ass Chicks named both SWEET AS SIN and TURN IT UP as her Mostest Favoritest Reads of 2011

Fiction Vixen named BOTH as the BEST OF 2011

Hanging With Bells named SWEET AS SIN right under Shadow Fever!

 Smitten with Reading named TURN IT UP as her absolute favorite in 2011

Some Like it Hot named SWEET AS SIN as a favorite in 2011

Read My Mind named SWEET AS SIN as her 2nd favorite read of 2011

Everybody Needs a Little Romance named TURN IT UP as #4 and SWEET AS SIN as #2 on her Top of 2011

Romance Novel News named SWEET AS SIN as a top contemporary romance read of 2011

Basia’s Bookshelf named John Murphy from SWEET AS SIN as one if her TOP 10 Characters in romance 2011

Leontine’s Book Realm named sweet AS SIN as the only M/F contemporary recommended read of 2011

Reading Reality named TURN IT UP as a Best Read of 2011

Reading with Tequila organized 34 different blogger lists of Recommended Reads for 2011 and both TURN IT UP and SWEET AS SIN made the list

Maryse’s Book Blog names SWEET AS SIN to her TOP 25 Reads of 2011

The Season Blog named TURN IT UP a TOP PICK of 2011 and called it a near perfect read!

Nice Girls Don’t Read Naughty Books‘ Kelly Meding named SWEET AS SIN as her #2 Top Book of 2011

 The Romanceaholic named SWEET AS SIN to her list of Best in 2011

Romance around the Corner named SWEET AS SIN one of her two Top Contemporary of 2011

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