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December 13, 2012

FINALLY I can talk about it!

I am happy to announce I have contracted a 3-book contemporary romance series with Carina Press. 

COUNTRY ROADS is a trilogy surrounding a West Virginia lumber company, Hawkins Hardwood, and the men who work there. Is there anything sexier than a man who knows his hardwood?


“Strong as oak, tough as hickory and sweet as maple”

Book #1 – Take Me Home – Tentative release date September 2013    

Matt Shaw’s family lost his childhood homestead to foreclosure years ago. He pulled himself up from dirt-floor poor through hard work and determination. Now, life couldn’t be sweeter. But when he comes face to face with the gorgeous woman who owns his old property, too many feeling shake loose. She can never know who owned her land first. He can’t handle another woman’s pity.

Kayla Edwards was a military brat, drifting from place to place. She found a spot to put down roots and is intent on making a home for herself. Her business is booming, her new land offers unlimited potential and there is love on the horizon. But Matt’s secret threatens to turn everything bitter. Is it Kayla he wants or her land?

Book #2 – The Place I Belong – Tentative release date February 2014
Elizabeth Reynolds escaped a dreary city life and will do anything to protect her chosen home’s scenic vista. Black Cherry Falls is more than her job, it’s her passion. The State may have sold her beloved mountaintops to a lumber company, but they’re in for a surprise if they think she will just sit by and watch them destroy it. That cocky PR guy will never know what hit him.

Jonah Alcott walked away from his rigid religious family and found his place as Public Relations Director for Hawkins Hardwood. He plays as hard as he works, but the Black Cherry Falls project stretches him to his limit. A beautiful but tenacious resort manager calls in a radical environmental group, and Jonah steps out of his office to show her personally who the real bad guys are. However, only Jonah can decide where his true loyalties lie, with his job or his heart.

Book #3 – Should’ve Been Home Yesterday – Tentative release date July 2014 
Molly McCreedy has known Webb Hawkins since she was in pigtails. He was her dead brother’s best friend and her secret crush. A night of memories and alcohol leads to a place neither intended and the consequences are due in seven months. Life seems to be handing her all of her long-lost dreams, but dreams fade in the bright light of day.

Webb made a mistake, but he’s determined to do the right thing. He owes to the best friend who died in his place. Guilt  hardened his heart and he built a legacy, alone. Black Cherry Falls could be the pinnacle of his career. Just when he seems to have it all, the business, the girl and a baby on the way, the past reaches out and smacks him. 


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